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Cheap oil and cheap gasoline helped to make modern America. They shaped America’s cities, and comparison contrast essay topics bestreview pro they were an essential part of the American lifestyle. They were also essential in the great empty states of the West, where people often have to travel long distances.
Today, Americans consume about 25% of the world’s energy…. far more than people in other countries; but the situation is slowly changing.
Americans are already buying smaller cars, and American cars consume much less gas than they used to. But in the coming years, they will use less and less oil. They will have to.
There is still a lot of oil under the ground, but oil and gas must become more expensive in the future. Over 50% of America’s traditional oil reserves have already been used – mostly since 1950. Nobody knows when America’s oil will start running out, but the first problems could come in less than 20 years. And as soon as oil starts running out, its price will go up very quickly!
In conclusion, the “two dollar gallon” was good for America. It has encouraged Americans comparison contrast essay topics bestreview pro to buy smaller cars, and to use less energy. That way, America’s oil will last longer….. perhaps until the age of clean green energy arrives.

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